Mewtwo is a Pokémon, and a character who appeared in Devious Diesel For Hire: Episode 62: Character Elimination.

History in DDFH[edit | edit source]

Mewtwo appeared in Episode 62: Character Elimination, as one of the contestants of Devious Diesel's (disguised as Diesel Blue) Character Elimination. He was on Team 1.

In the first contest of the episode, he's the last contestant to throw a football. Because he's a really powerful thrower, he throws the ball 1075 ft, calling it the best shot ever. But then Diesel Blue yells at him, calling it "the worst shot ever" and accusing him of "using hacks" to throw the ball that far. When Mewtwo tries to tell him otherwise, Diesel Blue yells out his team loses, but instead of calling them over for the elimination, he decides to eliminate Mewtwo automatically. Mewtwo becomes shocked and confused, since nobody voted for him (they didn't even get a chance to vote). Diesel Blue forces him to come with him.

Before eliminating Mewtwo, Diesel Blue wonders if Mewtwo has any last words. Mewtwo asks him where he'll be launched, which Diesel Blue answers that he'll be launched back to the city, landing on a trampoline. Diesel says goodbye to Mewtwo and launches him, whilst Mewtwo screams. This puts Mewtwo in last place of Diesel's Character Elimination.

Later, in Episode 67: Microsoft Store, Mewtwo is shown on Devious Diesel's new most hated character list (new, because his previous list was ripped to pieces by Ninja Fox).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He was made using Mew's DNA.
  • According to Star Butterfly, he was one of the most powerful contestants on his team.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Mewtwo's GoAnimate avatar used in Episode 62

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