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These rules will get updated from time to time, so we suggest you check this page again every once in a while.

Wiki Rules

1. The upcoming episodes page can only be edited by the creator of Devious Diesel For Hire and Trainboy43.

2. Do not spam. This includes when editing a page or making a comment in the comment sections.

3. If you create any new pages or add pictures, make sure they're related to Devious Diesel For Hire in any way.

4. Do not post anything in the comments to intentionally start an argument.

5. No vandalism or destructive edits of other people's profiles or DDFH wiki pages. Breaking this rule will lead to a block.

6. No porn or explicitly sexual content. This includes sending links and posting pictures.

7. Be mature and overall use your common sense.

8. Use proper English that we can understand. We all make errors with our grammar a lot, so were not very strict with this rule. But posts that involve gibberish stuff like "fkjhfhdkhjdga" that have no logical meaning whatsoever will be removed.

9. Pages that get undone or reverted may highly be because of inaccurate information. This rule is just to add awareness if you made an edit recently.

10. Pages of Devious Diesel For Hire episodes that aren't out yet means that the character sections cannot be edited yet. Only Devious Diesel can be listed in the section for the time being. However, you are free to add the Trivia, Synopsis, and Errors sections if you want to those pages.

11. If you add a category, give it an appropriate name. (Good examples: Episodes, Upcoming Episodes, Characters) Any category names that we don't find acceptable will be removed.

12. Don't talk about politics, religion, or personal problems you're having in real life.

13. No advertising.

14. Don't harass, troll, impersonate, or insult other users on the wiki.

15. Curse words are allowed here. But don't use them to insult other users or use them without any context.

16. In relation to Rule 2, do not flood the comment section with a bunch of nonsense.

17. No ban or block evasion. Doing so will only result in them getting increased.

If you have any questions about these rules or if some of them aren't clear enough for you, send a message to the admin's message wall: or ask in the chat. Have a good time on this wiki! =)

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